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Outreach Program

Increases community awareness of child abuse through education.


Training Offered:

  • Mandated Reporter Training, Multi-disciplinary Response, and  Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse (Conducted with DA staff, DCF, and KP staff)


  • Presentation on Commercial Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) – It covers the MDT response, defines CSEC and its red flags, and what happens when you make a report (Conducted with 2-3 MDT members).

  • Little Red is an informational video geared towards middle school aged children to provide insight into
    the methods used by perpetrators to coerce and exploit children. Using the popular fairy tale of Little
    Red Riding Hood as the premise for the video, “Little Red” teaches awareness and encourages open
    discussion with children on the dangers and vulnerabilities they can be exposed to.

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