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Information DCF Will Ask For When You Report:

To accurately assess the situation, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) will need to ask you some questions. Answering the questions will help them provide the proper care for the child.

Here is a list of questions they will ask. It’s okay if you don’t know all the answers. Just do the best you can.

  • Who is the child (name, address, date of birth, etc.)?

  • Who are the parents or guardians, and their identifying information?

  • Names and ages of all other children in the home and/or family.

  • Who is the alleged perpetrator (if known)?

  • Dates and/or timeframes when the abuse may have occurred (if known).

  • Present whereabouts of the child, and any other siblings in the home.

  • The primary language of the child and their family.


  • Any knowledge you have of imminent risk to the child.


  • The core information regarding the reporter’s suspicions that the child is being abused or neglected.


  • The circumstances under which you became aware of the information.


  • Any action taken to treat, shelter, or assist the child.


  • Any other information the reporter can offer to inform DCF of the child’s  circumstances and any risks to the child.


For more information about reporting abuse or neglect go to Office of Health and Human Services

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